Live-Stream access for “Frank Sinatra Comes Home to Orillia!”

The Orillia Concert Band, under the direction of Randy Hoover, with guests Rick Stephenson and John Brown, will be live-streaming their May 11th performance of “Frank Sinatra Comes Home to Orillia!”. To offset the extra cost of live-steaming our concerts we are asking for a small fee to access the live stream of $10 per adult viewer. To obtain the live-stream link please click here to go to the live-stream payment site, and the live stream link will be provided in the receipt email.

The live-steam will start around 7:15pm on Saturday May 11th and the concert starts at 7:30pm and runs for 2 hours. There will be one 20 minute intermission. We recommend you start a timer at the beginning of the intermission…

The reason the Orillia Concert Band live streams it’s concerts is to provide access to the concert for those who can’t travel, or live too far away to attend the concert.

Enjoy the concert!